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Fallout 4: How to get Paladin Danse out of his Power Armor


Ok guys, I really struggled with this problem and had to scour the interwebs for a complete solution. As you may know, the Power Armor is mapped to Paladin Danse and you technically can’t get him out of it … unless you’re on PC and have access to console commands! Even then, Danse can be a total scary Slenderman looking mess, so here’s exactly what you have to do to get him looking like this:

Fallout4 2015-12-08 09-57-25-55

Step 1: Make sure Danse is nearby. You can spawn him in your location with console command “prid 0005de4d” hit enter then “moveto player” hit enter.

Step 2: Make sure Danse is your follower. You can force him into being your follower with console command “prid 0005de4d” hit enter then “setconsolescopequest followers” hit enter then “forcerefintoalias companion” hit enter.

Step 3. Get Danse out of his tin can! Use console command “prid 0005de4d” hit enter then “unequipall” … you will now see this horrifying stretch Armstrong looking monster – don’t worry, that’s normal! Ew:

Fallout4 2015-12-09 22-14-28-93

Step 4. Fix Danse’s gross body. You need to find a DOUBLE BED (yes, this part is important – it has to be a double!). Now sleep in it – all you need is one hour.*

*I haven’t confirmed this yet, but you might also need to be in a romance with Danse so he “shares” your bed. To do that, click on Danse and type in console command “setav CA_affinity 1000“.

Step 5. When you wake up, Danse should be stepping out of some old Power Armor with normal body proportions! Not only do you get Danse naked, you also get to keep the full suit of Power Armor, woo! Double win.

Step 6. Play dress up with Danse, because you can. You can also change his hair and face and stuff by console command “slm 0005de4d 1” … check it, new hair, new beard, new Danse:

Hope you found this tutorial helpful! Share all your Danse pics with me in comments!

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  1. Paladin Danse will leave his power armor on his own after completing the Blind Betrayal BOS mission (as if he survives)… :P But you solved it with brute force anyways, nice job pumpkin!!! :D :D :D

      • He doesn’t like you enough? HOW CAN THAT BE?!?! EVERYBODY LOVES GIRL! I for one certainly do! If I was that dumb Danse I would tear my PA into tiny pieces and throw my distorted, wavy body at your feet to do your cold heart’s every bidding for the first word uttered! XD XD XD
        Seriously though you might have messed up one global variable or the other in your crazy modding spree XD It would make sense to keep a clean save (hehe like clean shave, you get it? XD) to make sure that you can finish the story without actually breaking the game. Who knows what else will turn out nonfunctional on the long run? :D

    • He only leaves his power armor for a short time. If you save him at the bunker, he dons a different set.

      Thanks for the information. It was a huge help however for me a double bed didn’t work at all. After spending a frustrating day trying to get that to work, I took him to Sanctuary and one of the narrow beds there worked like a charm.

      He wanted to snuggle? Who knows. But otherwise your information was exactly correct.

      • Just a personal preference, I like him in the Minutemen General suit. Rather classy which is rare in FO. Just a few tweaks to eyes & eyebrows were all I wanted for the rest of his look. :)

  2. I haven’t tried this method to be honest lol, but I can’t stand him in clunky power armor all the time, so I use a really simple one:

    Go into console commands, and click on Danse. He doesn’t have to be your follower, though it’s advised so he doesn’t wander off.

    Next, type in “unequipall”. This will also yield the scary slenderman effect, which my brother finds hilarious.

    Find a terminal and command him to use it. This always works, as he will step out of his power armor (which suddenly reappears), adorned in his BOS uniform (almost as good as no clothing).

    You can take the power armor (with full set of BOS Paladin ranked gear), though there is a small glitch sometimes in which it counts as you stole it. I usually just make Danse stand a good distance away and take the stuff off the frame..

    Also! Danse looks adorable in Maxson’s Battle coat! You can get this one of two ways: One, by killing elder Maxson. However, you have to do this very specifically to avoid the BOS turning on you and losing Danse. On the first mission you get, to retake the fort, he’ll be out on the deck, by the railing. While standing next to him, scroll out into third person and double-tap the Bash button. Nora/Nate will throw him over the railing, and he’ll die from fall damage. Loot his body and use the console command “resurrect” to fix that little bit. You can also just spawn it by typing in “player.additem 1fe1a6 1”. Then just trade and make him equip, and vìola!

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