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Skyrim: 15 Halloween mods that are way 2spooky4me


‘Tis the season for pumpkins and ghosts (also, two weeks to kill until Fallout 4 comes out). So, just in time for Halloween, feast your eyes on my list of best spooky, scary Skyrim mods you should try. And I don’t mean scary in a funny sense, like the mod that turns dragons into trains or the thousands of slutty Halloween costume waifu mods. I mean blood-curdling, extremely terrifying, crying in the fetal position, and only occasionally really-fucking-adorable Halloween mods. Enjoy!

Epic Halloween Overhaul

The name says it all. This mod adds quests and decorations all over Skyrim for All Hallows’ Eve. Rivers run red with blood while pumpkins and lanterns decorate every building – it’s like Halloween puked all over Tamriel. My favorite city overhaul in this mod is Whiterun!

TESV 2015-10-29 00-50-38-14

Scary Hagraven Voices

Because Hagravens weren’t already the scariest fucking things in Skyrim, some sadist decided to add even scarier voices and sound effects to them. I made the mistake of spawning 10 Hagravens at once … don’t do it if you value your sanity.

TESV 2015-10-28 23-20-50-86

Beautiful Freaks Warpaint

Some appropriate warpaints for Halloween. Eerily beautiful and the perfect look for the last thing your enemies see before they die.

TESV 2015-10-29 00-47-51-90

Unique Dragon Priest Masks

Oh yay, now instead of one terrifying face, all the named Dragon Priests have UNIQUELY TERRIFYING faces straight out of your nightmares!

Decapitate Children plus much more

Ever get sick of kids asking you for candy on Halloween? Here’s a mod that will make you think I’m a total serial killer let you perform satisfying kill moves on the children of Skyrim (skip to 0:29 to see). Don’t worry, poor Sond is a ginger kid, so it’s ok.

TESV 2015-10-29 01-02-37-62

BadGremlins Trophy Heads

Ever have the urge to collect severed heads in pretty glass jars? You should probably see someone about that. But anyway, this mod adds a fun hunt for trophy heads in Skyrim.

TESV 2015-10-28 23-31-25-42

Night of the Living Mannequins

Everyone always expects a skeleton or zombie mod in these Halloween round-ups, but those are so last Halloween. You know what’s really scary? Mannequins. Faceless, murderous mannequins running at you en masse, slaughtering your friends with their bare, splintery wooden hands.

TESV 2015-10-29 00-21-10-85

Pumpkin Spice

Just a nice little pumpkin helmet for you to wear as you galavant around Tamriel this Halloween.

Haunted Mask of Extreme Terror

A screencap just doesn’t do this one justice, so watch the vid. The mask itself is horrifying, but what makes this mod great is how terrified you make the NPCs who see you wearing it. They pretty much shit pixels in their pants. Kind of hilarious.

Raven Castle

This player home is expansive and eerie, but also super detailed and beautiful. You can spend your entire Halloween roaming these halls.

TESV 2015-10-29 00-52-26-06

Unique Skulls of Skyrim

Instead of collecting candy this year for Halloween, why not collect skulls all over Skyrim? This mod adds unique skulls all over the place that you can collect and display proudly in your murder home, you sick freak.

TESV 2015-10-29 00-22-58-90

The Bloody Tankard

In the mood for some Halloween shopping? Here’s your one stop shop for everything creep-tastic.

Necro stitchings and add-ons Skyrim

Pull a Frankenstein this year with this nifty little mod that adds creepy stitches to your character. Photos above by DajiaDovah, whom you should follow on Instagram because her Skyrim caps are wicked sick nasty (really good).

TESV 2015-10-28 23-29-17-11

All Races Drop Skulls

You know it was weird that you never saw Khajit or Argonian skulls in Skyrim. Well, this mod fixes that problem. Here, have a pile of Argonian skulls!

TESV 2015-10-29 00-37-34-51

House of Corpses

A Halloween dungeon to haunt your dreams. There are so many creepy details in this mod I can’t even. There’s even a clown … a fat murderous clown. Consider yourself warned.

Welp, if you haven’t been scared away by now, you’re a braver man/woman than I! Hope you liked the mods and as always, if you have anything to add, leave a comment!

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