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Skyrimcam’s 41+ Essential Skyrim Mods for a Realistic, Next-Gen Experience 2015


Must Haves: Essential Character Mods


Better Males – Sundracon Body and Younger Faces mixed with Geonox

This is by far the most superior mod for beautiful men in Skyrim. Check out my full comparison of male texture mods if you don’t believe me!


SG Textures Renewal

My favorite female skin texture mod – there are some other great ones out there, too. I did a full comparison here if you wanna choose for yourself!

TESV 2015-10-23 22-17-07-96

Mikan Eyes

I love these – they don’t look “natural” but they are gorgeous and unique. They also give you mismatched eye color options, which looks pretty hot in caps.

TESV 2015-10-06 22-47-36-25

The Eyes of Beauty

Truly beautiful eyes for your Skyrim characters – these are more “natural” and they have over a hundred options!


HN66s Long Lashes

A must-have for your female characters to have lush, full eyelashes. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in screenshots.

TESV 2015-10-06 22-39-46-16

HD Beards

A must-have for your male characters to have lush, full beards.


High resolution scars

You know, if you want your scars to look real and not like weird lesions on your face.


High resolution brows and SG female eyebrows

Make vanilla eyebrows look more defined and realistic with high res brows. I also like installing SG female eyebrows on top of that to offer more variety for my female characters.


KS Hairdos Renewal

Over 500 gorgeous hairstyles for males and females. I can’t live without this mod.

Those are mods that you MUST use if you want your Skyrim to look even remotely like my screenshots. The next mods are ones that I highly recommend if you want to replicate my EXACT setup.

Continue reading on the next page for Highly Recommended Mods!

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  1. Great lineup of mods. I’ve been setting up a new Skyrim setup to play after Fallout 4.

    For cities I use most of the JK series except for Markarth, Whiterun, and smaller cities. For Markarth I use three mods: Dawn of Markarth, Markarth the White City, and Sky City – Markarth rising. In fact, the “Dawn of” series is a good compromise if JK is too much for your computer.

    I also use the “Sexy” series of city textures as they make the cities look much more well kept instead of run down. I use it together with the above mods but it looks great by itself.

    There’s also the entire “Rustic” series of mods that spices things up. Some of those are 2k though most also have smaller file options.

    Realistic Aspen and Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer are two mods I’ve come to love.

    In a previous post about armors you recommended Blood Witch Armors which is amazing.

  2. One more point … I followed this guide (https://youtu.be/eaorfAchdHI) to modify my .ini files and it made a big difference in the look of my game. The video is 30 minutes long but it takes you step by step through the process. Perhaps your next article could be any .ini settings you use.

  3. Hey i just recently discovered this blog and really love it. I may have a mod recommendation you could like: The Legacy of the Dragonborn. It is difficult to decribe this mod as it is a DLC-sized relic hunter expansion but it integrates some other mods you already have in your articles so i thought you might like it. I’d never play Skyrim again without it. Keep up the nice blog, it’s cool that someone still writes about skyrim modding :)

    • oOOoo thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out! Yeah, my time lately has been crunched on Fallout 4 but I’ll always blog about Skyrim :D

  4. thanks for the mods. I really like your Blogs.
    If you could give us some tutorial about modding or give us some names of other modding tutorials it would be amazing.
    thanks anyway.

  5. After installing all the mods(well most of them anyway), my loading screen when i travel takes for ever(i mean literally) and it doesnt load.

  6. SO wait: You said install in this order and overwrite, so it’s okay to let the other texture mods overwrite SMIM if they need to?

  7. It’s funny.. you mention the HD Beards mod saying you’ll get lush full beards but your picture is of a 15 year old who’s just starting to grow peach fuzz LOL It would be fitting IMO if you replaced that picture with a character who has a real beard. Good lineup. I enjoyed and used your info happily. I however do Not like having to go through different pages just so the site can show more ads when all the info will fit on one long scrolling html page. I hate that people don’t do that anymore, all for the sake of Ads! UGG!

    • Lol good suggestion, I’ll find a screencap with a heavier beard ;) I actually try really hard not to break up my pages too much because I also get annoyed at sites that do that. If I really wanted to make ad revenue, I would just do what other sites do and put one mod on each page :) The reason I broke this post up into three pages is because I was afraid all the photos would make it too long to load on a single page. But I’ll try to keep it in mind in the future ;)

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