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Skyrim: Tannick Racemenu and ECE Preset, Follower Mod


By popular demand, I’m releasing my OC Tannick as a preset for Racemenu and Enhanced Character Edit ECE. You can also download him as a standalone follower, thanks to VRDaphni. Yes, I know he is the most handsome Skyrim character you’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s cool, feel free to fall in love with these polygons.

You do NOT need to download any additional mods if you use the standalone follower mod.

You’ll need a whole slew of mods to make the character look right if you use the presets, though. Sorry, it can’t be helped. To get the EXACT same look as my OC, please download:

The only mod above that is CRITICAL to my character looking even remotely “right” is Better Males – Younger Faces mixed with Geonox. The face texture makes a big difference – Vanilla Tannick looks like shit, trust me (see a vanilla pic here if you don’t trust me). You don’t have to download the other mods if you plan on altering my Tannick’s hair, beard, scars, eyes, etc. anyway.

You will also need either Racemenu or ECE to use this mod. Pick one – my character actually looks “better” in ECE, in my opinion, but if you want to turn him into a follower using Familiar Faces, I recommend using Racemenu. Scroll down for instructions for both.

Instructions for ECE users:

  1. Download the mod file into your CME_Save folder. For me, this is located in My Documents > My Game > Skyrim > CME_save
  2. Open Skyrim. Use the console command ~ and type in showracemenu.
  3. You should see the ECE interface – scroll over to the Body tab, and go to Slot Load, and load Slot 1.

That’s it!

Instructions for Racemenu users:

  1. Download the mod file – install directly via Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) or manually unzip the file into your Skyrim folder (for me, the folder is TESV Skyrim > Data > SKSE > Plugins > Chargen > Presets)
  2. Open Skyrim. Use the console command ~ and type in showracemenu.
  3. You should see the Racemenu interface – hit the Presets tab in the upper right hand corner and load preset with F9 button. Select Tannick’s preset.

That’s it!

Ok, now you should have a gorgeous Tannick character all for your own. You’re welcome. For more shmexy mods for your character, check out my RAWR-Paint pack of warpaints for male characters!

And don’t forget to upload pics and show me the link in comments, I’d love to see all the caps you’re taking with Tannick! :D

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  1. You have awesome timing. I just about have my 500 plus mods installed for Skyrim and I was just about to start a new character.

  2. SUPER AWESOME! I am so bad at creating chars, but creating a char that i like is essential for me to enjoy the playthrough.

    Thank you!

    BTW. Awesome site.

    \ n_n /

  3. ….. oops, that didn’t work, did it? What I meant to say was, I just wanted to say thanks for making such an amazingly beautiful male character – I’m a noob, only got into games last year, and can only play Skyrim on my present computer, and was searching in vain for a male follower who actually didn’t look like the back of a bus – until I found Tannick! I’ve got the mod with his brother Kristof – and it’s great to have some male eye -candy! Sad voyeur that I am, I’ve also got the mod that takes their clothes off, and now have a nice little troupe of naked male followers …. I do hope you make some more lovely men in the future …….

    • YAY! I’m really glad you enjoy Tannick – I also had the same problem when I first started playing and there was not a single good looking male follower on the Nexus at the time! :D Also, totally no judgment – I have a nice little troupe of nekkid men, too!

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