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Fallout Shelter: 1000 Lunchbox Hack and Other Cheats [No Jailbreak Required]


Hey guys, if you haven’t downloaded Fallout Shelter for your mobile phone yet, you should – it’s super fun and a great way to feed your Vault obsession until the new Fallout game comes out next winter!  Fallout Shelter is kind of like Pet Hotel (remember that game?!), which means it is basically one of those farming games that prey on our obsessive human weaknesses :)  If you just want to have fun with the game without paying a bajillion unnecessary dollars, here’s a hack to give you 1000 lunchboxes courtesy of crystalrazzor!

Photo Jun 18, 4 38 53 PM

WARNING: DO NOT UPGRADE TO IOS 8.3 ON YOUR PHONE OR ELSE YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO USE IFUNBOX!!! If you have already upgraded to iOS 8.3, it’s already too late to downgrade to 8.2 … basically you’re fucked until iFunbox comes out with a fix or you are able to jailbreak 8.3 (none available yet at the time of this post).

This is a client-side hack, meaning you are only manipulating data on your own iPhone and iPad, not the game servers – technically, it is legal; however, use at your own risk. As always, DO NOT use “hacks” on other sites that ask you for personal information or want you to complete a survey – those are SCAMS and will not work! ~ love, your friendly neighborhood gamer girl :D

You will need:


Jailbreak is NOT required for this hack (provided you have not upgraded to iOS 8.3!).

Read me first:

This hack will add a Vault 1 to your game with 1000 lunchboxes. It should not overwrite any of your existing games unless your Vault is named Vault 1. The 1000 lunchboxes cannot be carried over to your existing vaults – you will have to start from the beginning with your new Vault 1.


1. Download the .zip file here and extract it. Inside, you will find “Documents” and “Library” folders.

2. Make sure the Fallout Shelter app is fully exited out of your iPhone/iPad. Open iFunbox and navigate to the Fallout Shelter app under “User Applications”:


3. Drag and drop the “Documents” and “Library” folders you just downloaded into the Fallout Shelter app in iFunbox. Confirm that you want to overwrite and replace the existing original files:

falloutstep24. Now, open up the app in your game. You should have Vault 1 available to play – open it up and you should see something like this. Notice how there are now 1000 lunchboxes in the lower right hand corner!

Photo Jun 18, 4 38 46 PM

That was easy, right? 1000 lunchboxes should get you a ton of unlocks in the game, including the legendary (gold) weapons and familiar beloved characters from the Fallout franchise – may the random-number generator gods be forever in your favor:

Photo Jun 19, 12 38 45 PM Photo Jun 19, 9 19 33 AM Photo Jun 19, 9 13 47 PM Photo Jun 19, 9 11 08 PM Photo Jun 19, 8 32 11 AM Photo Jun 19, 1 32 24 PM Photo Jun 19, 1 16 42 PMThis is what my game looked like after opening about a third of the 1000 lunchboxes. Pro tip: put all your power/food/water generating rooms on one side of your elevators and the non-generating rooms on the other. Makes collecting resources that much easier.

Photo Jun 21, 3 42 47 AMI hope you guys found this hack useful – as always, leave a comment if you need help or just want to voice your deep appreciation for my awesomeness. :P



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  1. How do I go about getting this to save after the hack is done? Every time I quit the game it resets my save

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