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Dragon Age: Inquisition – 10 Best Mods on Nexusmods


Good news everyone – Dragon Age: Inquisition mods are finally starting to crop up on Nexusmods!  Here is a short tutorial on how to mod Dragon Age: Inquisition, as well as the best mods released so far.  Who knows, maybe I will get into modding DA:I soon, too :D

How to Mod Dragon Age: Inquisition

You will need the DA:I Tools program if you want to create mods for the game.  This tool is very similar to Skyrim’s modding tool, if you’re familiar with that at all.  DA:I Tools only supports texture mods right now but the developers say they will hopefully incorporate mesh mods in the future.

You can also download the DA:I mod manager.  This tool lets you merge all your game files and mod files without overwriting original files, super useful to avoid messing up your base game.

Best Mods on Nexus (as of January 2015)

No Class Restrictions – Armor

Yay, now your mage can wear some heavy armor and your warriors can prance about in robes!

No Class Restrictions – Weapons

This mod lets any character equip any weapon.  I always wanted to be a badass mage with a greatsword :)


Realistic SweetFX Preset

This mod makes the game a little less saturated and a little more realistic/atmospheric.  Looks great on my PC!


Hair Recolors

This mod adds 40 additional hair colors you can choose from to customize your Inquisitor.


SK Tattoos

This mod replaces the tattoos in game with new ones – not always lore friendly, but definitely beautiful.


HD Eyes

Get beautiful, piercing eyes with this mod.


No Shiny Shirt for Josephine

Let’s face it, her gold blouse looks ridiculous.  Here’s a nice looking replacement!


Sophisticated Josephine

Not to hate on Josie all the time, but homegirl needs a little help on the makeup front.  This mod gives her some winged eyeliner that makes her look really cute!


Halamshiral Finery

I like the alternate coloring for the formal outfit … now, if only there were a way that each character had their own outfit :D


Dorian Sans Stache

This mod gets rid of Dorian’s hairy upper lip caterpillar … gotta say, he looks pretty dapper still.  It also gets rid of Gaspard’s mask and *gasp* Blackwall’s beard.  Blackwall looks kinda weird without he beard IMO but oh well, to each his own.

What mods do you like most?  Let me know in comments!

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      • That’s due to EA, thus also Bioware, not supporting Mods at all, The Modders must create All the Tools, without any Help and probably active hinderance. That we are starting to get some Mods is due to a lot of hard work.
        It’s not like Skyrim before Creation Kit was released, then Oblivion and Fallout Mods could be adapted.
        This is New Frostbite Engine, nothing to adapt exists. The Modders have to make their own “Creation KIt”, Before the first Alpha tool was released, even the simple colour change to Sky Haven Clothes was impossible.
        EA are slowly destroying Bioware as they have every other Dev, when they’ve got a desiccated corpse they destroy it and look for a new victim, Bioware is resisting, better than most, but it’s slowly losing what made it special.

  1. @Jenn
    Since you seem to know what is best for this game, let’s see you come up something good then. You’re probably one of those people who cannot contribute anything but only know how to criticize. Mean and disrespectful comments like actually discourage modders from sharing any new content. In the end it will be your own loss.

    Don’t just talk and put others down! I will repeat this let’s see you walk the talk and contribute something to the modding community!

    • Just because you can’t write a mod doesn’t mean you can’t judge what you see. Movie critics usually can’t direct great movies but do know how to judge their quality. Telling someone to “fix” something or “come up with something good” is an entirely invalid point to make and helps even less than pointing out something bad because it literally accomplishes nothing (whereas in the former case a point or opinion was shared).

      The unfortunate truth is that @Jenn is mostly right and there really isn’t much going on in the DAI modding community. The top mod’s in DAI are pretty minor things like “Remove an equipment restriction”, “Better eyes”, or “different shirt”, While a game like skyrim has those same kinds of mods, it also has things like “A quest line so long and so good its like a brand new game” or “A re-texture/lighting pack for everything that’s so good that the game now looks better than games that came out yesterday,” so when you start to make those comparisons DAI’s mods don’t look so good.

      At this point it probably doesn’t make sense to judge DAI to other heavily modded games because they’re in different leagues (at least for now), but if you do compare it to what exists you have to face the fact that DAI doesn’t really have any mod’s that meet current community expectations.

      In the end maybe you think @Jenn was mean and calling the mods awful was a bit harsh, and that might be the case, but when someone is expecting an end product that’s at a certain level of quality and nothing comes close to meeting it you can’t be surprised when they react poorly.

      • THIS IS NOT SKYRIM!!! Period. Modding Dragon Age Inqusition isn’t as mod friendly compared to Skyrim! Everyone knows how hard it is to mod Frostbite engine. Even though some simple mesh changes can be made now(with caveats!) modding DA:I is still in its infancy. If you want to critique something at least do it based on facts and information from the correct source. Sitting in front of the computer tearing down someone’s work anyone can do.

      • And Hrothtar said that, repeatedly. Skyrim was easily modifiable because the developers designed the game favor customization from the start, and DAI didn’t. But when you make a comparison you do it based on the final result and current expectations, otherwise it isn’t a comparison, its just handing out gold stars for hard work.

        Now if we were comparing the effort a modder put into a DAI mod then I’m sure most people would be rated highly, but that isn’t what’s going on. I’m sure there are many authors who worked very hard on literature and still produced bad books. The same goes here, Its not like people who are modding DAI didn’t realize or at least learn quickly that they were modding a system that wasn’t built for it. The decision to continue and end up with whatever they ended up with was theirs entirely. I’m also sure they had enough sense to be able to judge the quality of their work and decide to put it out there for others to similarly judge..

        The point in all of that is that this is a top 10 list. An article written to show the best that DAI modding has to offer. The unfortunate truth is that no mod here is anywhere near most other modded games, and that’s just a fact. It doesn’t mean the developers aren’t great people or that they didn’t work hard, it just means that the end result wasn’t outstanding. Regardless of who made what, if something isn’t good then you shouldn’t call it that to make someone feel better about themselves (though I agree being mean doesn’t get you far). That just tricks others into thinking that aiming for mediocrity is fine, and in the end that hurts them more than words ever could.

        Additionally, If someone feels torn down because another person on the internet didn’t think their work was fantastic, then they need to grow some thicker skin, because real life isn’t going to pull any punches and it hits a lot harder than some kid on the internet with a keyboard.

      • 99% of movie critics wouldnt know a great movie if it landed in their lap covered in money. Most movie critics get it wrong. Im no expert at modding but, im sorry, Making mods isnt like making a picture at picmonkey.com The fact that there arent many great mods means…… Wait for it….. It must be because the game designers are blocking them from all angels. Thusly, its not the modder community at fault. Its Eww Arts INC. As per the norm. This is why ‘ll just play it on console. Cause the only reason to play a game like that on pc, is for the endless modifications we USED to have for our games. But jealousy is a ugly color and apprently its not something they like. The fact that fans can make better games than the game makers.

  2. The armor mod is great – you can actually make armor without class restrictions without a mod by using the proper materials, the mod just lets you do it with any material.

    The weapon mod is a bit weird – the animations don’t match for a lot. You can’t, say, wield a one-handed sword in one hand and a dagger in the other, the dagger will just show up instead of a shield and use shield animations, and you won’t be able to use any weapon-based skill using the wrong weapon type. BUT – here is the saving grace – this mod allows you to play an old school, Origins style ARCANE WARRIOR! That’s right. A heavy armor wearing, one handed sword wielding mage can still use all his abilitities. (Or any other weapon, for that matter – though stay away from using a bow if you’re mage or warrior, weirdness follows.) I did an entire playthrough doing this and had a BLAST. One handed sword in one hand, Knight Enchanter’s spirit blade in the other any time I needed it.

  3. I’m surprised none of the assorted “Skyhold clothes” mods made the cut. Considering how much time we spend in Skyhold, getting rid of those stupid beige pajamas was the top item on my list by a mile.

  4. what we really need is good hair mods, I’m surprised that bioware hasn’t done anything themselves yet as a patch. Female hair has been a problem since day one.

    • The hair texture alone is terrible, sticks out like a sore thumb.. Then add the horrible hair styles. Both male and female characters have the same models as well, which makes me think that they really didn’t give a rat’s ass about the subject.

      I don’t know, to me my character’s hair is a pretty big thing, so I’m really hoping for some good hair mods. And maybe some mods for the Qunari horns. The female horns are too thin!

      So, hair styles and thick horns, please! <3

  5. I like the equipment of armor and weapon like dragon age origins, no default armor and weapon…
    If you have that kind of mods, please share to me…
    Thank you…

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