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Mass Effect: Temporary Fix for My Mods


I know some of you have been having trouble getting my mods for Mass Effect working on the newest rev of ME3Explorer.  I don’t have time to rebuild all my mods for the latest version of ME3Explorer right now, but if you use the old rev, my mods still work (as do all new mods).  I’ve uploaded my rev of ME3Explorer here – it is compatible with all of my mods and I’ve tested it many times.  Let me know if this fix works for you!

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  1. Yo,

    I’m now using the same revision as you and I still have a problem with the fishtail braid. I am so boned on how it could possibly be broken >_< here's a screenshot:


    I am using a very bright hair colour. like im talking bright purple…. i've checked all the scalar parameters they are all on default setting and i even started a new game and got the same thing…. maybe just not possible to have a light hair colour with this mesh??

  2. okay! i fixed it! so apparently, TexMod wasnt working properly. So i vanilla’d my game, uninstalled/deleted all modding tools, re-downloaded everything and re-installed it all. then i made sure i disabled origin in-game (i had done this last time but origin is well renowned for being problematic) and loaded your textures using texmod. came out beautifully. SO my conclusion is: Origin is a piece of sh****t – make sure you disable the in-game features, also replacing textures through me3 explorer doesnt seem to work. goodness knows why, it works when i replace armor and causal textures manually and whatnot, just not hair textures. wont save them or something idk. Might want to make a mention on your modding tutorial that when using origin and texmod you ***MUST*** disable origin in-game. its a useless program anyway :p FINALLY I CAN PLAY MASS EFFECT AGAIN!

  3. I am having the exact same issue as Dee, problem is I have not found a way to disable Origin ingame. It always states I must exit the game before exiting Origin. Is there a trick to this?

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