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Paragon Scarring


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Paragon Scarring

Replace the red renegade scarring with some blue paragon scarring!  I can easily make other colors available as well – let me know!

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  1. Hello, I tried using this mod with ME3EXPLORER as explained in the “readme” but when I play, scars are still red ? Did I miss something ? Because the tutorial’s not very … developped.

  2. I have a suggestion for a scarring mod, during the reaper attack where only Shepard and Anderson survive Shepard gains some scratches on his/her face, would it be possible to do a mod to have scars where does scratches were?

  3. yo i’ve run into some trouble because i found the folder (emissive) in texplorer but when i try to use the replace feaure it says something with that the old file is 32 and the new 52 can you maybe help me a bit out?

    sincerely metoos

    • wait I got it fixed although the eye colour haven’t changed is there anything i’ve might have done wrong you know about

      sincerely metoos

  4. Those instructions aren’t very clear and im confused on how to get this done. I tried replacing the dds files in the emissive folder and I saved but I still have red renegade scars in game.

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