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N7 Adept Armor



Plaid Adept Armor

Be bad in plaid.  You’ll have to remove your hair or use a very flat hairstyle in order to use this mod correctly, otherwise your hair pokes out of the hood.  Requires ME3 Explorer.

Download here!

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  1. Is there any chance of you making a hoodless version? i did find one on the net but its a casual one and i really want it for armor (ive already replaced all the other casual outfits :3 fashionista style)

    • okay ive figured out why i couldnt seem to use the hoodless one as an armor. i thought it had something to do with the way the game treats meshes but its not.

      Whenever i try to use Me3 Explorer to import a PSK, it turns out really reflective in game. I then tried replacing the PCC file with a backup and the meshes i replaced earlier are still reflective! I’ve tested this and the only way i can find to restore it is to vanilla the game!

      What is going on?? I can replace the meshes in question without a problem with a UDK but any PSK just seems to mess it up. keep in mind that i am using the same textures – it has nothing to do with the spec map. I dont understand how a mesh can make a permanent change to my files like that. And i certainly dont understand how a mesh can change the reflectiveness!

      Please help me :(

      • I know that PSK’s don’t import via me3explorer properly for almost all meshes. I’m not sure why. Just convert to UDK and upload as that :)

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