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Dread Pirate Shepard Armor



Dread Pirate Shepard Armor

Feel like being a space pirate?  This armor is for you.  Comes with cool gold shiny details and a badass skull and crossbones.  I tried to add a parrot on the shoulder but alas no luck :)  Need ME3 Explorer to install.

Download here!

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  1. What model/mesh did you replace? I used your .upk tutorial to mod my Shep’s casual outfit, and you mentioned that BIOG_HMF_ARM_SHP_R.pcc is the .pcc for Shepard’s armor. I’ve tried replacing all the meshes there (not all at once) and none of the armors in-game changed. My only sort of successful attempt ended up changing the textures of the intro outfit… but not the mesh. Nowhere near a win D:

    • I forget which file is the intro outfit mesh but it’s in there! If you read through my Ultimate Modding Guide, you’ll see I compiled a whole excel file that shows which code corresponds to which armor.

  2. Should’a known you’d be on top of this, haha. I hadn’t checked out that particular tutorial since I knew how to replace meshes already. Hopefully should be able to get it sorted out now, thanks!

  3. I have a question, I tried to replace the spec but it gives me a mipmap error, says it requires 11 but it’s currently 10. I don’t even know what that means lol. Does that sound familiar? Is there anyway to fix it? The diff and norm replace just fine, it’s only the spec. Also, the upk uploaded fine. I have used your mods to replace the dress, which work great. This is my first time trying to replace the armor. Thanks for the help and all the wonderful mods!

    • So mipmap error just means the texture is the wrong size. If it’s currently at 10, I think it means it has to be increased to 1024×1024 or 2048×2048. :)

  4. this is too deep for me. i just tried to figure it out and i just don’t have the know how. ah well. there are 10 layers and the biggest is 512×512 and i tried increasing sizes and converting things and i have no idea what i’m doing lol. i’m gonna quit before i break something. thanks anyway :)

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