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Mass Effect: 14 Incredible Mass Effect 4 Characters


Ha, gotcha with the title, didn’t I?  I know, I’m an asshole.  But trust me, you want to see these if you haven’t already.  Most of these characters were created for a CGHub contest a while ago inspired by the new Mass Effect game – they’re not real.   You would never be able to tell because the artists who created them are so talented and professional.

Oh, and before we get started, click here to see an awesome animated version of the Mass Effect 4 image at the top of this page :)


14.  “Project R1” By MHATTARAN

R1 project-mhattaran_2

I love Mecha-anything, so Mecha-N7 has a particular appeal.  This is like Pacific Rim meets Mass Effect.

13.  “N7 Soldier” ~ by SOULTY PRODUCTIONS


This is what I call Daft Punk N7 … not a ton of originality but the execution is gorgeous!

12.  “Mass Effect Alien” ~ by AMDEEWET


I’m always so impressed when people create original species from their imaginations.  This guy actually looks a lot like my old gym teacher :/

11.  “Biotic Huntress” ~ by RBRANCO


Double omni blades are the way to girl’s heart!

10. “Cook Chief Volus” ~ by GUEDIN


Volus, the sexiest race in the whole Mass Effect universe.  This color scheme makes it look like a Final Fantasy character, but I’m ok with that.

9. “Mass Effect Alien” ~ by WOLFREIM


This character legit confuses the shit out of me, but there’s no arguing that it is wonderfully done.

8. “Volus Maximus” ~ by TURBINEA


OK this is amazing.  It might not belong in Mass Effect 4, but it certainly deserves some recognition as one of the best things made, EVER, PERIOD, DOT.  Who knows, maybe in the future, Voluses like to go to Renaissance Fairs and dress up …

7.  “Mass Effect Alien” ~ by BNSOUZA


Very creative and yet somehow sexy alien species.  It’s like Dr. Moreau mixed Salarian, Quarian, and Asari DNA to get this creature.

6. “Innusannon” ~ by BAKA-NEKO


Reminds me of Javik a little.  Gorgeously rendered and super badass.

5.  “Lu Datu” ~ by KISEL


I love this character because it’s not just a model – it actually tells a story.  You can tell this guy is a badass smuggler who doesn’t take shit from anyone!

4.  “Geth Devastator Unit” ~ by JOYMEPLS


I love the Geth.  This character is like if Geth collided with Borderlands and made a mega mech of awesome.

3. “N7 Soldier” ~ by THREEDSQUID

final beauty-lowres

I love this because it’s so beautifully rendered and looks very realistic.  This could definitely be a default Shepard part two.

2. “Combat Suit” ~ by PATRYK


So, this piece of art wasn’t officially submitted to the CGHUB Mass Effect contest, but tell me that the first thing that comes to mind isn’t FEMSHEP PART TWO!

1.  “Soldier” ~ by BAOLONG



This is my absolute favorite Mass Effect 4 character.  Not only is this character badass, he is by far the most detailed and lifelike thing I’ve seen created with Unreal.  I highly recommend going to the artist’s page for some intense closeups of the skin texture – simply amazing!  And even better, there’s a video where you can watch him in action!

Well, that’s it for my top favorites – if you want to the see the rest (and there are a lot!), go to CGHUB!

What did you think of these characters?  What do you hope Mass Effect 4 will be like?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. That “Cook Chief Volus” reminds me indeed of a Final Fantasy character: Quina Quen.

    That 9 looks a bit disturbing… It’s like a mash-up of My Little Pony and Mass Effect (which sadly has been done already). And… It has visible pointing nipples through the suit? Creepy.

  2. Aaah, are you sure your no 1 isn’t no 1 because he looks a bit like Kaidan? ;) It IS an extremely/superiourly well-done character, though!
    And I really like no 5, Lu Datu. It’s so original and looks like.. Everything is in proportion, if you know what I mean?
    And I have no idea how Mass Effect 4 will be. I just hope it won’t be a spin off centring one of the previous characters.. If I control one of them, they won’t be themselves anymore :(
    Please don’t center Mordin in anything. My heart will break. Again.

    • Hahaha you caught me! #1 is extraordinarily good looking as well as realistic, so there’s that :) I also hope that we get all new characters set in the same universe, and not some cheap spinoff of an existing character. You’re totally right, once you control them, they’re not themselves any more! I love the character customization aspect of ME and I hope they keep that, it really draws you into the game. I’d love to see some cameos from old characters though :)

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