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Holy hell, the site is finally working again!


Sorry for the downtime – my site crashed because Bioware found my Mass Effect perfume series and posted it to their official Twitter/Facebook!  Anyway, I’ve completed a server upgrade because my old site couldn’t even handle a small Reddit spike in traffic … so, theoretically, the site should never crash again *fingers crossed* :)

Thanks for everyone who posted on my Facebook … I truly appreciate all the great feedback and hilarious photo captions you guys added!  Here are some of my favorite comments from Bioware’s post:

Jared Barker Illusive Man cologne = classy as fuck.
Ngọc Tú I’m commander Shepard and this is my favourite perfume on the Normandy
VampireKitten Is this going to be a thing? Make this a THING!
Falcon D. Stormvoice Noooo! The page is DOWN! Someone cast Unity!
Jake Staffa Shut up and take my money
Sharlena Eltoukhy THIS ALL DAY LONG!
Evan Charles Schober There needs to be more than just a like button for this. It needs to be a button that likes and permanently affixes it to the top my timeline and sends me somewhere where I can order a lifetime supply.

Anyway, I’m thrilled by your responses so I’m working on a follow-up series to the perfume art.  Hint, it combines two things that people love – Mass Effect and booze.  I’m also working on uploading large versions of the perfume ads to Deviantart so that those people who want to buy prints can!

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Do you have any ideas for a Mass Effect inspired perfume or drink?  Any characters you’re dying for me to art-ify?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I think you are finally getting the attention this site deserves, it is an invaluable guide for me on multiplayer and now you post these really creative things.

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