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Mass Effect 3: Missile Glitch CONFIRMED Working After Reckoning DLC


I’m back from my India vacation (which was awesome, BTW – maybe I’ll post some photos later if I get motivated) and I’m returning with a bang – here is a confirmed working method to do the missile glitch and is works as of April 1 2013.  And this is not an April Fool’s joke, I promise :)



Adas Synthetic Rifle – confirmed by GPG (best option!)**
Striker Assault Rifle – confirmed by GPG
Falcon Assault Rifle – confirmed by GPG
Krysae Sniper Rifle – confirmed by GPG
Acolyte Pistol – UNCONFIRMED (heard rumors that it might work)
Arc Pistol – UNCONFIRMED (heard rumors that it might work)
Venom Shotgun – UNCONFIRMED (heard rumors that it might work)
Particle Rifle – UNCONFIRMED (saw someone else do it but haven’t tested it myself)

*You need only ONE WEAPON equipped.  You can equip a combination (ie. Striker and Arc Pistol) if you want, but it’s unnecessary.  The glitch will work either way.

**The Adas Synthetic Rifle is by far the best weapon to use because of its straight, accurate shooting, large clip size, and rapid fire ability.  You can basically just keep holding down RT to continually fire missiles as you’re strolling along.  It also allows you to kill Guardian and Ravagers with one shot and not have to bounce your shot off the walls like you do with the Striker.


You can do this with any character, but the N7 Destroyer is the best because going in and out of Devastator Mode replenishes your ammunition.


1.  Fire off all your missiles except the last one.

2.  When you fire the last one, do not let go of the trigger!  Keep holding down the trigger (RT) until you hear the “click” noise of an empty clip.  To be safe, I usually hold the trigger down about 5 seconds between the time I fire the final missile and the time I do step 3.

3.  Press “x” to switch to your weapon WHILE YOUR FINGER IS STILL HOLDING RT.  Keep hold of “x” and RT until your character goes into the animation to switch to its primary weapon.  It’s usually safe to let go of both RT and “x” when you see your character’s elbow above its head as it begins to pull out its primary weapon :)

Now, your primary weapon should fire infinite missiles!  Enjoy!

Easy, right?  Though this method “wastes” 5 missiles, it works 100% of the time.  It’s pretty fool-proof.  Here are some other bits of information you might want to know:

  • You can’t be host and do this glitch.  You can do it as the 2nd or 3rd slot in the game, but I’ve had issues with it working if I’m in the 4th slot.
  • Yes, both the 2nd and 3rd person in the game can do the glitch simultaneously.
  • You can crouch and take cover but taking cover standing against the wall will get you out of the glitch.
  • You can do all the objective waves except activating devices while in the glitch.
  • You can’t revive people while you’re in the glitch.
  • You will stay in the glitch even if you die and someone revives you or you medi-gel.
  • Use this glitch at your own risk – only do it in private lobbies if you don’t want to get reported, though I find it hard to foresee Bioware doing another Ban Wave considering they are no longer doing balance changes.

There.  My triumphant return to blogging.  Have fun racking up those credits!

What do you think of this glitch?  Did it work for you (it should!) or do you have a better way to do it?  Let me know in comments!



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  1. Welcome back m’am! I hope you had a nice trip! And yeah, post some photos. =D

    I can’t believe how BioWare fixes one glitch and then another one is found. I’m truly amazed at people finding those glitches. ^~

  2. Hey welcome back, been following you for awhile and just love the stuff you post. i was hoping to play with you some time if you on xbl?

  3. Can not seem to get this to work with two people ever since the “patch”. Three people works fine but two just wont work for me on ps3. Tried it with just the Adas, the adas and the arc pistol, just the striker, and the striker and arc pistol.

  4. Tried it today with 1 other person. COuldn’t get it to work but don’t know if it’s me just not being able to do it right.

    • Hey John, or anyone else, if you want to play a private game and take turns with the missle glitch let me know! GT Ares5683
      I can’t get it to work

  5. Got it to work with the striker. However, when charging the harpoon gun, it only applies bleed damage on hit (the lowest amount it applies without charging).

  6. First, thank you so much for finding this glitch. Also i tried this glitch out yesterday and after 3 tries it started to work and worked the whole night, now im trying it and still after 8 attempts its still not working. Im playing with 2 different people from last time but they are at one house so could that be it?

  7. I can’t seem to get this to work with only one gun but what I do is use an arc pistol as well, pull the arc pistol out first before firing the missiles, hold like normal after the last shot,, switch to the pistol let it charge for a 5 count, then to the Adas or striker and then release the trigger. Works every time for me. If anyone wants someone to game with, I’m BonitaApplebum5

  8. also bioware no longer cares if you glitch they kind of gave up trying to fix it and no one has been banned since the last ban wave which was when it was every where and super easy

  9. Hi all! I’m on ps3 and was wondering if anyone can do the missile glitch on it. If so add my psn. Thanks


  10. do this glitch still work and if do if any ony u guys that can do send my friend request on xbox my gamertag is sasuke084

  11. For those of you having trouble… It Works, here’s how to get it to work
    First you need…
    – N7 Destroyer
    – Striker Assault Rifle
    – Arc Pistol
    Join a match where you are NOT the host.. preferably fireblase glacier
    – Switch to arc pistol
    – Fire off missiles till only 1 left
    – On the last one hold the fire button down for about 5 seconds dont let go
    – with your finger still on the fire button, change gun to pull out out the arc pistol
    – wait for the arc pistol to charge up then press X again to pull out the striker
    – now let go of the right trigger you should be in the glitch
    — Works 95% of the time
    — Glitch fails if your host or take standing cover on a wall
    — Bioware will NOT ban you

    I am Aware this glitch can be done with the striker on it’s own but i play it safe with the arc pistol, if you have the adas a/s rifle use that instead, without the arc pistol, happy glitching :)

  12. Thanks for the tip, managed to pull it off multiple times in a 3 man party on PS3 couldn’t get a 2 person party to work though. Anyways racking up creds :D

  13. As useful as this info is (I’m still tripping that people on the official forums find this more of a problem than, say, the glaring balance issues), I think I’m done when it comes to shooting various baddies in the face in ME3’s multiplayer. It sees that unless very specific conditions come about, I can’t really enjoy it.

    I’m not saying ME3’s multiplayer is BAD, mind you. Just that it could’ve used a bit more work.

    As for this, no arguments. I fondly remember the days of the Super Sonic code in Sonic 2, researching Cheat Code Central for hours on end, and using my friend’s GameShark to get all the stars in Mario 64. Exploiting a hole in the programming is nothing. :D

  14. I missile glitch almost every night. Making a new account and would love to have some more glitchers to get it maxed quickly. Feel free to add me PSN: MakeMePurr. I need to unlock the devastator then I will handle the glitching myself.

  15. Oh, god. A missile glitcher. I have no problem with missile glitchers as long as they keep it to private games. Me and my friends play Golds and Platinums for the challenge and not credits so when a missile glitcher crashes our games it is annoying and shitty. PLEASE don’t come into public games as a missile glitcher.

  16. X? pressing X doesnt make you switch guns tho.. only makes you go into cover.. I tried this glitch twice it dont work for me.

  17. got it to work once with just 2 people, was just me and the host. i only used the striker and got the glitch on 2nd try. all other attempts at this glitch failed (with same host and still using striker) on ps3

  18. I saw someone doing this in a match and just had to know how. But now I need to unlock the usable weapons for it. Anyone wanna help me farm credits a bit on platinum? GT: echs Incognito

    Also, you have a lot of good ME articles GPG, nice work. ;)

  19. After taking a break from Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, I am back and am having trouble getting this to work. Is it just me or what? Does it still work? Thank you GPG!

  20. I might be “a little” late, but yesterday me and my friend tried to do this and failed. Something happened though: my striker’s projectiles lost their explosive nature and, when holding the trigger, it would consume ammunition untill the trigger was released, shooting a single projectile without an explosion. At least something happened. Going to try again today.

  21. sup. ppl still playing? sometimes the glitch stuffs up and turns my projectiles into normal rifle bullets with no missile capability

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