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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation GERONIMO


Operation: GERONIMO (Jan 18th-20th)

Event Description: Reaper units are identifying and targeting our team medics. To counter, we are increasing training in battlefield medicine for all N7 soldiers, regardless of specialty. By ensuring each soldier can deliver emergency care, we will confuse and frustrate the Reapers into abandoning their strategy.

Individual Goal: Earn any first aid medal on any map at any difficulty.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Well, going into week 5 of no Xbox LIVE and no ME3 :(  This week’s operation will be pretty easy – you basically need to revive your teammates 5 times to get a first aid medal, and given the propensity for PUGs to die, you’ll probably have plenty of opportunities to pick them up :)

Argh, if this connection issue doesn’t get fixed soon, I may have to officially retire from ME3 :(

Are you doing this weekend’s challenge?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Since I play Volus a lot, I’m more than used to silly PUGs dying all over, haha. This should be easy indeed. =)

    I hope you fix your connection soon. Don’t give up!

  2. I don’t know if this happened just to me, but this weekend I keep getting “Connection Lost” with EA Servers during the game. I get DC’ed every 10 minutes, being in a match or not, it’s really frustrating. =/

    I played during the week days and it was fine, so my guess is EA Servers getting overloaded (since they suck).

    • Yeah, the galaxy map never works for me anymore and I’m getting a lot more instances of being stuck in the loading screen while trying to connect to a game.

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