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Mass Effect 3: Best Character Builds by the Numbers – Geth Infiltrator


The Geth Infiltrator is indisputably the best killing machine in the game – just don’t get shot. :)  Here is the ideal build and why:

BEST BUILD – 4/6/6/6/4

Q:  Should I spec my Proximity Mines for Radius or Damage?

A:  Radius!

Here’s why – because the best aspect of the Proximity Mine power is that whatever it hits takes an additional 20% damage from all sources, you want it to hit as many bad guys as possible.  Also, the PM power stacks, so each time a target is hit, it gets a 1.2x multiplier on the damage taken (ie. 1 PM = 1.2, 2 PM = 1.2*1.2, 3 PM = 1.2*1.2*1.2).

Q:  Doesn’t the Destroyer do more weapon damage than the Geth Infiltrator?

A:  In terms of pure weapon damage, yes, but in terms of total weapon and power damage, NO.

Here’s why, mathematically ((DPS values assume you equip a Piranha X w/Smart Choke, High Caliber Barrel V, Shotgun Amp V, Shotgun Rail Amp III, Armor Piercing Ammo IV):

In terms of pure weapon damage per second (DPS) including the Rate of Fire (ROF) bonuses for each character (15% GI, 25% N7 D), the Destroyer with Devastator Mode does 3666.5 DPS while the GI does 3227.1 DPS (assuming you spec both characters for Pure Offense).

BUT, if you look at the characters as whole with their additional powers, you can see that the GI wins hands down.

Let’s take look at the Destroyer first – the gameplay is pretty straightforward.  If you spec for Pure Offense, you will have Missile Launcher active and use your frag grenades.  Your total DPS of all powers and weapons is 4175.

recharge dam dps
missile 2.2 658.125 299.1477273
2 x frag 12* 2508.333333 209.0277778
weapon 1 3666.533333 3666.533333
total dps 4174.708838

*recharge speed assumes you’re camping on top of a Demolisher’s pylon that gives you 2 grenades every 12 seconds.

Now the Geth Infiltrator – for Pure Offense, you will use Tactical Cloak, fire a Proximity Mine, shoot your weapon, and repeat cycle.

cloak prox mine dur weapon
dam sec dam/sec prox mine bonus total weapon dam total damage
1 1130 3.39 3227.1156 1.2 13127.9061 14257.9061
2 1356 3.39 3227.1156 1.44 15753.48732 17109.48732
3 1627.2 1.22 3227.1156 1.728 6803.275938
2.17 3227.1156 1.44 4647.046406 13077.52234
damage in 3 cloak cycles 44444.91576
total dps 6555.297309
        no prox stack   4205.872005

Note that this chart accounts for your Proximity Mine stacks.  Your total DPS will be a whopping 6555.3 against a “fully stacked” target (“fully stacked” only applies to bosses because most enemies don’t have enough HP to stack mines against).  Against an unstacked target (only one mine active), your DPS is 4205.9, still higher than the Destroyer.

Q:  How do I make my GI even more of a killing machine?

A:  Stack equipment with the Gear Glitch.

We calculated the DPS above with regularly equipped gear/equipment on, but what if we use the Gear Glitch (click here for my post on how to use it) so that the GI is equipped with the following instead:

Armor Piercing Rounds IV – +40% damage
Armor Piercing Rounds III – +30% damage
Shotgun Rail Amp III – +30% damage
Shotgun Rail Amp II – +20% damage

This gives you +120% additive damage:

cloak prox mine dur weapon
dam sec dam/sec prox mine bonus total weapon dam total damage
1 1130 3.39 4388.8772 1.2 17853.95229 18983.95229
2 1356 3.39 4388.8772 1.44 21424.74275 22780.74275
3 1627.2 1.22 4388.8772 1.728 9252.455276
2.17 4388.8772 1.44 13714.36335 24594.01863
damage in 3 cloak cycles 66358.71367
total dps 9787.420895
no prox stack 5599.985927

As you can see, using the Gear Glitch makes you a crazy killing machine, topping out at 9797.4 DPS on a “fully stacked” enemy.  To put that in perspective, that means it would take you less than a clip and half to kill an Atlas.

That’s it for the Geth Infiltrator – Here is the handy tool I used to Spec out the character with all the bonuses – click here if you want to experiment for yourself!

As always, let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. I can’t thank you enough! My GI build was a little choppy compared to this, looks like I
    Need a skill reset. I have to know though, is this website very popular? I mean I read your updates because they help, but I only ever see 1 or 2 comments per post. You deserve a little more fame :)

  2. Just found this site today and I’m so glad i did. you just made my destroyer and GI class that much better. keep up the good work!

  3. Got my GI today, last character I had to unlock he’s the best by far. Though I use a slightly different build. I take tactical cloak up to level 5 with recharge speed. Fully spec proximity mine and Geth hunter taking accuracy in the first evo, lowers spread on shotguns. I take power damage in rank 5 for networked AI. Then take fitness to level 3. Plus a cyclonic modulator and shield booster 5 for my gear.

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